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There are so many different options when it comes to packaging. At High Land we would be happy to advice you when it comes to choosing the most suitable types of packaging paper and board for your business.
Duplex Board

Duplex Board

Duplex board is a kind of paperboard or cardboard commonly used to create rigid boxes for
a variety of luxury small goods. Tough, durable, straight and is able to take on a bright white
appearance, unlike common corrugated cardboard.
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Ivory Board

Ivory Board

Ivory board is a highly finished paperboard coated on both sides made from 100% original
tree pulp, mainly used for art printing and menu cards. Excellent surface, ageing-resistant,
high colour constancy, rigid strong and durable paper.
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Kraft Liner

Kraft Liner is a type of packaging paper or paperboard manufactured from softwood trees. It
is both the strongest type of paper and also the easiest to print on, while being eco-friendly
and 100% recyclable. High resistance to tearing, stress and punching
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Fluting paper is the middle liner of corrugated board, which can be used individually as a
type of protective packaging paper. Available for various strength requirements, made from
100% recycled paper, easy to handle, lightweight and helps optimize storage space.
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Test Liner

Test Liner

Testliner is a recycled base liner board ideally used in corrugated boards as the top and
bottom layers. At High Land it is mainly used for the production of food packaging.
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White Top Liner

White Top Liner

White top kraft liner is a two-ply product. The top ply consists of pure bleached hardwood
kraft fibres and the base ply is made of unbleached softwood kraft fibres. White top kraft
liner offers excellent printability qualities.
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High Land: Who We Are

Established in 1987, High Land is steeped in history and tradition as an international
premium paper supplier and distributor, operating in over 19 countries across 5 continents.

With a wealth of knowledge that only experience can provide, coupled with a modern
business management style and unrivalled customer service – the company is ideally placed to service the specialist markets in which it operates.

High Land is growing rapidly into new product areas with over 50,000 tons of various paper and carton box products in annual sale. We offer duplex board, ivory board, kraft liner, test liner and fluting in various gsm and qualities with brown and white top from 75-400gsm.

Our bespoke service, tailored to individual client needs, is unrivalled in our industry. Our
team of motivated, experienced and highly skilled employees continue to provide
customized solutions for all of your paper requirements.

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At High Land we continue to build a reputation for our quality products and service as we strive to maintain a high level of client satisfaction and loyalty.



High Land works responsibly across our businesses, operations and industries. Integrity and respect for one another is paramount.



The company continually finds suppliers that create new paper processes and technologies
that satisfy the ever-changing aesthetic and technical demands of the market.



By collaborating closely with suppliers, High Land finds and creates specially customised
paper products. We can arrange an order that is perfectly suited to the needs of your business.

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For suppliers, kindly let us know which products and to which countries to market. Send us sufficient samples of the qualities produced by you (A4 size, all available substances) to our offices by courier when possible.

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High Land Team


Waleed El Said

Founder and CEO

Manages the overall operations and resources of the company including the development and execution of long-term strategies.

Yousef El Said

Assistant General Manager

Is in charge of sourcing, marketing, sales and developing new projects for future expanding.
omar el said

Omar El Said

Assistant General Manager

Is in charge of sourcing, marketing, sales and developing new projects for future expanding.

Ali El Said

Assistant General Manager

Is in charge of sourcing, marketing, sales and developing new projects for future expanding.

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