Ivory Board

Ivory Board

Ivory board is a highly finished paperboard coated on both sides, mainly used for art printing
and menu cards. It is made from 100% original tree pulp, not recycled material as some of
our other products. It is pure white, with a brightness even higher than art paper, double
side smoothly and is soft to touch. Ivory board consists of half-dozen layers of paper
adhered with glue or starch then ironed. It’s a translucent paper used for printing and

The consistent and even surface of ivory board reproduce images with their most subtle
nuances. Ivory boards convey a natural charm and are available from High Land in different
colors and embossing patterns.

At High Land, it is commonly used for business cards,
greeting cards, postcards, annual reports, invitations, displays, calendars, brochures,
envelopes, menus, and tickets with RFID.

Main benefits:

  • Excellent surface
  • Ageing-resistant
  • High colour constancy.
  • Rigid strong and durable paper.
  • Homogenous paper formation.
  • Approved for direct food contact (super white, chamois, sand).


High Land can provide ivory board as per your specific project requirements. We are happy
to process your orders for board in rolls or sheets.

Please reach out to a member of our sales team today on highlandeg@hotmail.com to
discuss your board, paper and specialty paper requirements.