White Top Liner

White Top Liner

White top kraft liner is a two-ply product. The top ply consists of pure bleached hardwood
kraft fibres and the base ply is made of unbleached softwood kraft fibres.

White top kraft liner offers a perfect solution for strong, sustainable packaging that adds maximum shelf appeal.

At High Land, we can offer you white top liner with consistently high performance while maintaining packaging integrity in the harshest environments.

Its smooth, bright and white surface offers optimal printability and colour reproduction, whether for flexo pre-print, post-print, offset or digital printing. White top option offers smooth whiteness, while brown top liner adds a natural and authentic colouring to your packaging.

The former is ideal for retail packages that have large colour-printed areas and require excellent contrast for images, guaranteed bring maximum visual impact to your package.

At High Land, typical application that clients order it for use is to produce high quality printing, industrial packaging, consumer durables and food & beverages.

Main benefits:

  • Non-dusting, attractive surfaces with minimised wash boarding.
  • Excellent printability and visual appearance.
  • Consistent smoothness of surface texture.
  • Lack of visually disturbing impurities.
  • Shade stability.
  • Consistent performance both in terms of strength and cleanliness.
  • 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced and produced.
  • Food-safe for various food package types.
  • Retail-ready and shelf-ready material is easy to open, shelf and buy.


High Land can provide white top liner as per your specific requirements. We are happy to
process your orders for a wide range of packaging and protection for your industrial and
commercial operations.

Please reach out to a member of our sales team today on highlandeg@hotmail.com to
discuss your requirements.